"Cattails" by Bob Leo Jones (48" x 48")

Kentucky Artisan Center Opens Annual Exciting “Reveal” Exhibit

"Cattails" by Bob Leo Jones (48" x 48")

The Kentucky Artisan Center announces the fifth Reveal exhibit, showcasing large format paintings by Bob Leo Jones, of Louisville. This exhibit will run Jan. 19 through April 30, 2020, in the Center’s lobby. 

Jones is an abstract artist working in acrylics on large-scale canvas and Masonite. He started creating large-scale paintings in 2015, and his works are free flowing rather than linear. When working on canvas, Jones builds up layers of color with a palate knife. This method of layering allows for a longer drying time, which in turn allows the artist to think about how the painting is progressing.

Jones states, "I am an abstract artist and I have found that my vision is often better realized in a larger format. I layer the paint to build depth and distance into the work."

His painting “We Are Not Going Back the Way We Came" is based on the idea that there is always a way forward that guarantees something new. In the work “Cattails”, Jones’ love for low-lying water can be seen. The natural ponds and creeks of central Kentucky as well as the estuaries of the intercostal and the mangroves of Florida influence his work. 

The Kentucky Artisan Center features works by more than 850 artisans from over 100 counties across the Commonwealth. For more information about events call 859-985-5448, go to the center’s website or visit us on Facebook.

The Kentucky Artisan Center is an agency in the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet and is located at 200 Artisan Way, just off Interstate 75 at Berea Exit 77. The center’s exhibits, shopping and travel information areas are open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, and the cafe is open from 9 am to 4 pm. Admission is free.