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Special Exhibits

The Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea presents exciting exhibits of artisan works and displays that showcase Kentucky's culture, heritage and attractions.

Exhibit call-for-entries are sent across the state to invite artists to submit their creative works for consideration for these special exhibits. These exhibits run 5-6 months and often focus on a theme, technique, or specific medium.

See the current and upcoming Kentucky Artisan Center exhibits listed below.

Regular monthly events are listed on our calendar of events.

Current Lobby Exhibit


Lobby Exhibit - Now through November 18, 2017

 Pendant by Scott Hardy in the exhibit "Agate: Jewel of Kentucky"

Kentucky has one of the rarest forms of agates with rich and varied colors. They are prized by collectors and jewelers and are found only in the east-central parts of Kentucky. Rarer than diamonds, Kentucky agates are mainly found in Estill, Powell, Jackson, Madison and Rockcastle counties.

This exhibit explains the unique geological formation of agates, explains where they are found and includes examples for sale of agate specimens, polished cabochons and beautiful agate jewelry made by Kentucky agate hunters, collectors and jewelers. Participating artists are: Jarod Cox, Science Hill; Scott Hardy, Irvine; John Leeds, Richmond; Albert Mooney, Berea; and Rachel Savane, Lexington.

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Current Gallery Exhibit


October 8, 2017 - February 24, 2018

“Get Ready, Get Set: Multiples in Clay” showcases the creativity expressed when creating in a series. Both functional and sculptural works are included and the exhibit introduces nine new ceramic artists to the Center. 

Clay has no form of its own, but it can be shaped in minimalist, whimsical, representational or abstract ways. The idea of multiple works in clay is a natural one, whether using the potter’s wheel, hand building, or using sculptural techniques. This progressive process fuels new ideas.

The exhibit features matching sets, as well as works that relate to each other based on form, construction and detail. Functional works include dinnerware sets in a variety of designs by Amelia Stamps, Amy Elswick, Jonathan Dazo, Suzy Hatcher and Paul Muth. Many styles and ideas can be seen in the colorful cups, jugs, vases, human and animal forms and realistic replicas that are central to this exhibit.
Numerous works have colorful surfaces, some with intricate designs such as the slip cast “High Heel Shoes” by David Bogus and Melisa Zimmerman’s “Sunflower Bottles.” More subtle surfaces can be found on Bill Whitt’s wood-fired jugs, and on Wayne Ferguson’s “Frog Ocarina Quartet.”

The versatility of clay is most obvious in the show’s sculptural works, such as Page Candler’s abstract “Birds,” Wyman Rice’s organic sculptural forms, Bob Brigl’s whimsical face jugs, Lynn Duke’s “Pretty Women” sculptures, and the minimalist sculptures by Amy Chase.

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Exhibit Opportunities

Kentucky artisans are invited to submit entries for upcoming exhibit.

Lobby Exhibit
January 13 - April 30, 2018


Kentucky artists who work in large two-dimensional formats are invited to submit entries for the exhibit program Reveal at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea.

Reveal will showcase one selected artist in the Center’s lobby from January 13 – April 30, 2018. This exhibit is a regular part of the center’s exhibition schedule through an annual statewide call-to-artists.

Reveal provides an exhibition opportunity for 2-D artists whose large works cannot be accommodated within the center’s regular retail spaces. Works must be for sale, created no earlier than 2015, no more than 50 pounds in weight, and with at least one dimension (height or width), no smaller than 4 feet, or no larger than 8 feet.